Services and classes

Unless stated, our classes aren't suitable for any dogs who are aggressive, reactive or overly fearful.

1:1's are offered to any dog not suitable.

Puppy Foundation £70 for 5 weeks

This class is for puppies that have completed their full course of vaccinations and are under 20 weeks old. You do not need to be a member of the Kennel Club or the Association of Pet Dog Trainers to do this course.

What’s covered? Early socialisation, Sit, Down, Stand, Watch, Wait, Recall, Leave, Settle, Heel Work, Loose lead Walking, Stay, Handling and Grooming plus any issues raised such as jumping up or mouthing for example.


Juniors and Beginners £70 for 5 weeks

This class is for dogs that have completed their full course of vaccinations and are over 20 weeks old.

A 1:1 (£40) is required for all dogs over 20 weeks of age to enable us to  see what stage they're at as well as get to know them a little so we can select which class would be most suitable for them to join.

What’s covered? Basic commands such as; Sit, Down, Stand, Heel Work, Recall, Loose Lead Walking, Stay, Leave, Settle, Handling and Grooming, Wait and any other issues.


Dogs under 12 months of age on course completion qualify for the Puppy Foundation Good Citizen award.

Progression and Life Skills Course

These classes cover a range of things from teaching impulse control & life skills, to confidence & relationship building exercises, tricks, proprioception and also covering aspects of the Kennel Club GCDS.

Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

KC Bronze: Cleanliness and identification, collar and lead, walk on lead, control at door / gate, controlled walk amongst people and dogs, stay on lead / line for 1 minute, grooming, examination of the dog, return to handler, responsibility and care. 

KC SilverPlay with the dog, road walk, rejoin handler, stay in one place for

2 minutes, vehicle control, come away from distractions, controlled greeting, food manners, examination of the dog, responsibility and care.

KC GoldRoad walk, return to handler’s side, walk free beside handler, stay down in one place, send the dog to bed, stop the dog, relaxed isolation, examination of the dog, responsibility and care.

Pre Agility   AUG 2021  *WAITING LIST FULL*

This is for any dog who hasn’t done agility before. Pups as young as 20 weeks can participate in these classes as they’re the foundation to agility and no jumps or weaves will be done until the dogs are at least 12 months old. This course works on handling skills, relationship building, balance and body awareness and impulse control.

Scentwork UK Classes  AUG 2021  *WAITING LIST FULL*

Scentwork classes are suitable for all breeds and ages. Scentwork is fun, rewarding, mentally stimulating and can help with confidence building. 

This is open for fun or anyone wanting to compete and can be done in a class or on a 1:1 basis.

Reliable Recall Programme

1 90 or 2 45 minute 1:1's to teach proximity and impulse control

which works alongside a step by step recall regime.

     £95 for two 45 minute 1:1's

       and written programme.


Training 1:1's
1:1 £80 for 1, £140 for 2, £195 for 3 


The training 1:1 is tailor made to suit you and work on any

specific training issues.

To discuss any of the services further please

email: contact us via

Facebook (RIxton Dog School) or text 07815 855016



Behaviour consultation


Either via vet referral or message directly 

Debra Adderley (07815 855016)

for further information